Dr. Jody Natalle wins 2019 Rohler Career Teaching Award

Carolinas Communication Association congratulates Dr. Elizabeth J. Natalle, recipient of the 2019 Lloyd Rohler Career Teaching Award. The Rohler Award is given annually to a professor who has demonstrated excellence in teaching across the span of a career.

This year’s recipient, Dr. Natalle, currently serves as Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina – Greenboro. Based on the nomination letters received, she is beloved (and feared, in a good way) by students, administrators, and alumni on her campus and across the region.


Dr. Jody Natalle of UNC-Greensboro, second from left, has a long history of mentoring wonderful student research and encouraging student debut presentations at CCA. She is pictured here with a cohort of her students at the 2018 CCA conference.

Congratulations to Dr. Jody Natalle, winner of the CCA 2019 Lloyd Rohler Career Teaching Award.

Carolinas Communication Association (CCA) promotes communication studies in the Carolinas and across the region by hosting conferences, publishing a journal, and providing resources for instructors and students. Learn more about CCA at http://carolinascommunication.org

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