CCA 2020 Pathways Conference Call for Papers

CCA 2020 PATHWAYS Conference Call

Mars Hill University
Mars Hill, North Carolina
Carolinas Communication Association
2020 Annual Conference
September 25-26, 2020
Communication opens itself to a variety of paths to research, teaching and service. This year’s Carolinas Communication Association theme is Pathways. Our paths will converge in Mars Hill, North Carolina, for the Carolinas Communication Association annual conference at Mars Hill University in Mars Hill, North Carolina, on
September 25-26, 2020.
As with any path, there are a variety of routes to take:
● Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit their research papers.
● Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit research posters.
● Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to give reports of research-in-progress.
● Faculty are invited to submit research papers.
● Faculty are invited to submit research or teaching panels.
● Faculty are invited to submit Great Ideas For Teaching Students, which we call GIFTS.
Research papers should be between 8-40 pages (eight to forty) in length. Panel submissions, poster submissions, research-in-progress or great ideas for teaching students, may be more impressionistic and are of an open length. Whichever path you decide to take, please feel encouraged to share with us your work on your terms.
The beauty of communication as an academic discipline is the way that it allows for a variety of theoretical, methodological and conceptual approaches. All are welcome here.
Awards are available for the top faculty, top undergraduate and top graduate papers. We believe in showcasing good work and meaningful ideas that might not always find a home at other conferences. Even if your path has taken you outside of the geographic boundaries of the Carolinas, we welcome communication research from near and far. Our conference is often the first conference for undergraduate or graduate students. Our
conference is also one that seasoned faculty often find themselves returning to (or attending for the first time) to learn about ongoing work in the discipline, to reconnect with colleagues, former students and old friends, and to meet new ones as well.
We are living in recognition of the paths that have been established for us by our predecessors. We invite those who have had previous affiliations with our region or our association to feel inspired to return anew. We are able to do the good work we are doing because of the paths that others have taken before us. Join us at Mars Hill University in Mars Hill, North Carolina, on September 25-26, 2020. We look forward to seeing you there.
Please submit your work as a .doc or .pdf attachment to Dr. Peter Joseph Gloviczki
< > no later than May 15, 2020. Early submissions are welcomed and encouraged.
CCA2020, #findyourpath
Dr. Peter Joseph Gloviczki
Associate Professor of Communication, Coker University
Vice President and 2020 Main Conference Planner*, Carolinas Communication Association
*Thank you to Coker University senior Skylar Stowers ‘20 for devising the #findyourpath hashtag for the conference. Thank you also to Dr. Gloviczki’s public relations writing students for feedback that strengthened this call.

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