Call for Submissions: Carolinas Communication Annual

The Carolinas Communication Annual, the peer-reviewed, state/regional journal published by the Carolinas Communication Association (representing both North and South Carolina), accepts the submission of scholarly articles on an ongoing basis. While articles by authors in the Carolinas and about topics relevant to the Carolinas and the surrounding region are particularly relevant for this journal, the call for submissions is open to authors from around the country and open to a wide rand of topics from multiple methodologies and perspectives within the larger Communication Studies discipline.

The journal is especially interested in submissions of pedagogical ideas and activities for our GIFTS INC (Great Ideas for Teaching Students in the Carolinas) area, which should be modeled after activity essays published in the journal Communication Teacher; submissions of multi-author forums of short thematically or methodologically related position papers or critical arguments; and submissions of “Debut” essays, which are papers written by first-time authors publishing their research in a peer-reviewed communication journal.

Critical essays and “debut” essays should generally be no longer than 6000-7000 words in length (including citations) and should follow the latest editions of MLA, APA, or the Chicago Manual of Style, depending on the author’s preference. GIFTS INC essays and activities should generally be no longer than 2000-2500 words and should follow the latest editions of MLA, APA, or the Chicago Manual of Style, depending on the author’s preference.

Authors should submit their essays electronically (in Word format) to the editor by April 17, 2019.  

Please include in the submission an abstract, author name and institution, and contact information in a separate cover letter to ensure blind review. Please also indicate if the submission is a “debut” paper. Authors should only submit one work per year to the Annual and the submission should not be under review with any other journal. In the cover letter, authors should note the history of the submission and indicate, as needed, that the submission meets ethical standards of research (for example, IRB approval if relevant).

Please direct questions and submissions to:

Jenni Simon

Editor, Carolinas Communication Annual

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

For more information about the Carolinas Communication Association, the Carolinas Communication Annual, and past issues of the journal:

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