CCA publishes Annual, Volume XXV

Carolinas Communication Association proudly announces the publication of the 35th volume of Carolinas Communication Annual under the leadership of Editor Dr. Jenni M. Simon of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. The annual features 8 research articles, one spotlight on debut scholarship, and 4 GIFTS INC papers.

A full table of contents is available below and the journal in its entirety can be read here:

Carolinas Communication Annual Volume XXXV
Published by the Carolinas Communication Association


White-washed and/or Blackfaced?: The Roles of Public Memory, Racial (Re)presentation, and White Guilt in Memorialization of Black Confederate Soldiers
Carson S. Kay, Ohio University

“That’s Not Why We Do It” and “That’s Not Who We Are”: U.S. Military Parades, Ideology, and Identity
Susan K. Opt, James Madison University

Constructing Civic Competence through Storytelling: Local Knowledge and Public Consequences in Participatory Budgeting
Spoma Jovonivic, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Vincent Russell, University of Colorado, Boulder

Paradoxically For the People?: Television Showrunning, Artistic Signatures, and Auteurs in Shondaland
Sarah Benton and Michaela D.E. Meyer, Christopher Newport University

“Am I as Pretty and Smart as She Is?” Competition for Attention and Social Comparison on Instagram
Pavica Sheldon and Alexandra Wiegand, University of Alabama, Huntsville

Mentoring as Applied Communication Education
Deborah Breede and Margene Willis, Coastal Carolina University

The Centrality of the Center: Best Practices for Developing a Robust Communication Center on Campus
Michael G. Strawser, University of Central Florida
Shawn Apostel, Bellarmine University
Russell Carpenter, Eastern Kentucky University
Kim Cuny, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Kevin Dvorak, Nova Southeastern University
Karen Head, Georgia Institute of Technology

The Amateurs’ Hour: South Carolina’s First Radio Stations, 1913–1917
John S. Armstrong, Furman University


Bilingual Language Accommodation: A Qualitative Study
Beth Ann Paris Labadorf, Bob Jones University


“Don’t Stop the Music”: Developing Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
Rosalie S. Aldrich, Indiana University East
Renee Kaufmann, University of Kentucky

Nonverbal “Charades”: Teaching the Power of Emotion in Public Speaking
Jessica Welch, Purdue University

“Instagram It” Introduction—Creating a Social Presence in the Online Classroom
Carrie R. McCormick, University of Mississippi

Building Teams Cohesion Through Meaningful Symbols
Elizabeth Jeter, High Point University

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