Statement from the Carolinas Communication Association of Support and Action

Dear Colleagues,

As the board of our organization, we know that many of our members share our feelings of hurt, anger, and sadness during these current events. Racism has no place in our organization or in our communities. 

As communication scholars, we recognize the many avenues in which the practices of communication, dialogue, deliberation, identity, and media shape our collective perspectives and our world. The Carolinas Communication Association’s purpose is “to promote communication studies in the Carolinas and to provide for the professional interests and advancement of its members” (CCA Constitution, Article II).  This includes supporting persons of color in our membership, on our campuses, and in our communities. It also includes promoting our colleagues of color, along with their research, so that their voices are at the forefront; and using our expertise in communication to listen to our communities of color, advocate for worthy causes, analyze the destructive discourse that supports institutionalized racism, educate through teaching, research, and community engagement, and promote equity and justice.

We are compiling a list of resources authored by and for our membership on the issues of race, equity, memory, and social justice in our local communities. You can view the growing list here ( and add additional resources to the list by commenting on the page.

We encourage all of our members to use their voices and platforms to stand against racism. Our collective voice, along with others, is the pathway to change.

In Solidarity,

Carolinas Communication Association Executive Council

Caroline E. Sawyer, President
Peter Gloviczki, 1st Vice-President & Conference Planner
Jason Munsell, 2nd Vice-President
Alex Patti, Secretary
Carol Leeman, Treasurer
Elena Martinez-Vidal, Web Manager
Jenni Simon, Annual Editor
John A. McArthur, Immediate Past President
Jason Edward Black, Executive Director

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