Lionnell Smith wins 2018 Pombo Early Career Teaching Award

Carolinas Communication Association congratulates Lionnell Smith, recipient of the 2018 Monica Pombo Early Career Teaching Award. The Pombo Award is given annually to a professor who has demonstrated excellence in teaching in the first three years of college-level teaching.

This year’s recipient,  Lionnell Smith, currently serves as Assistant Professor of Speech at Voorhees College in Denmark, SC. He is a member of Carolinas Communication Association and led a panel titled “Vibranum Velocity” at the 2018 CCA Conference last weekend in Charlotte, NC. Jayme Bradford Kinard, also of Voorhees College, was invited to present the award to her former student, now colleague.


Congratulations to Lionnell Smith, winner of the CCA 2018 Monica Pombo Early Career Teaching Award.

Carolinas Communication Association (CCA) promotes communication studies in the Carolinas and across the region by hosting conferences, publishing a journal, and providing resources for instructors and students. Learn more about CCA at

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