What Accelerate Means to Us


Accelerate means many different things; to undergo a change in velocity, increase in amount or extent, or even begin to move more quickly. While all these statements are accurate, simply put, accelerate represents the action of moving forward with a quick momentum.

This is one of the reasons we chose the word Accelerate to represent the theme for this year’s Carolina’s Communication Association conference. This September, in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re providing a weekend-long opportunity for students and scholars to share their most recent accomplishments and accelerate the conversation related to communication studies. During the event, presenters and participants alike will have the chance to pass on significant learnings, ask questions and share new insights related to the communications sector, all of which will take place in one fast but impactful weekend.

We hope that you are excited to accelerate with us! Please visit our CCA website for conference information and registration details.

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