Job Posting: Furman University


The Department of Communication Studies at Furman University invites applications for an instructor of digital media production and media specialist. This position is a renewable, twelve-month, full-time appointment. The ideal candidate will demonstrate excellence in teaching digital media production (visual, audio, and video production) and possess experience in the media industry, and will serve as a creative and visionary professional, well-attuned to industry trends and professional standards in multimedia/multiplatform communication and TV/Video broadcasting industry. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to translate media production and storytelling practices into the Communication Studies curricula at Furman University.

As a liberal arts institution, Furman has a strong history of excellent teaching and mentoring and is committed to delivering a vigorous, high-impact, year-round research program with undergraduate students. Situated as the largest of the humanities majors, the Department of Communication Studies embraces this commitment and expects new hires to demonstrate commitment to this university and department value.

To apply: See the application at Furman here.

Position Description: The successful applicant will excel in (1) teaching and instruction, (2) media technology management, and (3) student and faculty support services.


  • Instruct courses up to 16 credit hours (4 courses) annually in Digital Storytelling, the department’s core coursework in digital media production across the academic year.
  • Prepare course materials and use appropriate teaching techniques which may include but are not limited to delivering lectures, leading discussions, and conducting experiential learning opportunities in face to face classes, hybrid environments and online;
  • Provide pedagogical and technical support for department faculty seeking to integrate digital production tools and techniques in courses across the curriculum
  • Deliver experiential and applied learning to students while incorporating the technology available on campus and online
  • Maintain office hours during regular business hours to instruct and train students on the use of media technology.
  • Providing academic advising to students enrolled in and exploring the major; interpreting university policies, procedures and curriculum to students and faculty; guiding students in course selection, scheduling and long-range planning; assisting in resolving academic problems; monitoring academic progress; making professional referrals; and maintaining confidentiality of student records. This may include meeting with students regarding class work, course registration, program declaration and career preparation


  • Manage the Department of Communication Studies’ broadcast and multimedia studios and labs
  • Manage department’s digital assets across multiple media platforms including Digital Sign, marketing materials and social media
  • Manage broadcast equipment, troubleshoot equipment problems, and perform maintenance or minor repairs
  • Check in/out equipment to students and instruct them in its proper use
  • Maintain the labs and studio, perform routine maintenance, troubleshooting and inventory for all department equipment
  • Perform other administrative tasks and communication with the department’s internal and external stakeholders


  • Assist students and faculty with everyday use of audiovisual equipment and facilities.
  • Provide leadership and support for student-led media.
  • Work with students, alumni. and employers in professional settings, internships, field placements, department service and similar work-related situations as needed.
  • Provide expertise in support of instruction and multimedia projects in the Communication Studies Department
  • Provide creative direction and design high-impact and hands-on projects and learning opportunities that prepare students to be highly proficient in communicating across a variety of multimedia platforms
  • Carry out miscellaneous tasks as needed by faculty to enhance learning and instruction


  • This position requires a Master’s degree in Communication, Media Production, or a related field, plus two years of related professional experience in broadcast, film, video, or digital media, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. PhD-qualified instructors with industry experience are welcome to apply.
  • Understanding of best practices and trends in the areas of Broadcast, Video and Digital Media
  • Knowledge of and willingness to learn media production hardware, software, equipment, and technology including but not limited to:
    • PC and Mac computer hardware and operating systems
    • Audio/Video recording hardware and software and studio equipment
    • Microphones, lighting kits, tripods, and associated equipment.
    • Television cameras and camera control units, sound boards, etc.
  • Experience working with people of varying levels of technical abilities
  • Ability to train faculty and students in the use of multimedia hardware and software

Knowledge of audio/video/multimedia content curation and digital asset management

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