Business Meeting Minutes Fall 2016

Carolinas Communication Association
Business Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2016
Wilmington, North Carolina

  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by President Robert Westerfelhaus at 4:09 pm.
  2. Approval of the Minutes
    The minutes from the 2015 Convention Business Meeting were approved with changes. Dr. Jody Natalle, UNCG requested that mention of the hurricane and flooding that occurred during the meeting be added.  In spite of the poor weather, the Conference was a success.  Students poured their heart and soul into it and many people remained in Charleston.  Robert Westerfelhaus acknowledged appreciation for the commitment.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President Robert Westerfelhaus (College of Charleston) reported that 1st Vice President Jennifer Brubaker (University of North Carolina-Wilmington) was in a meeting but wanted to thank her for a top-notch conference, she handled it with grace and civility and was very flexible. He talked about diversifying cities to host the conference and that Clemson will host the 2017 conference.
    2. 1st Vice President Jennifer Brubaker’s (University of North Carolina-Wilmington) report was deferred because she was not present. RW noted she was helping students with a Capstone project that included interviewing a State Senatorial candidate for Wingspan, TV show.  Jennifer Brubaker noted that there was lack of submissions for the Camp award.
    3. Treasurer Lynn Gregory (Appalachian State University) had no report.
    4. Secretary Theresa Russo (Central Piedmont Community College) had no report.
    5. Carolinas Communication Annual Editor Melody Lehn (University of South Carolina-Extended University) noted that the journal was a top-notch journal with a new format that was NCA-like with content that was very good. All participants at the conference had received a journal in their bag upon registration.  There were 13 submissions with 8 published from 9 different states and 9 different institutions.  The journal has 3 sections including; two research essays, five G.I.F.T.S I.N.C. essays (Great Ideas For Teaching Students in the Carolinas), and, an added section, Spotlight on Debut with one submission.  Melody Lehn thanked Sean O’Rourke as it was his first publication in a Communication discipline journal.  She also suggested that we let students know that this gives them an opportunity to be published in a peer review journal.  She noted the diverse group of essays received and that a double blind review was conducted.  She thanked the Editorial board and noted that if anyone would like to be a part of the editorial board to contact Melody Lehn.  All members will receive a letter of thanks for TNP/Review.  She also noted that the printer worked with her to get the journal redesigned and did a great job doing so.  Cost for printing was $65 which was down from last year and 120 copies were printed.  A pdf of the journal is online indexed in Communication Source  Melody thanked Jason Munsell (Columbia College) and Jason Black (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) for their encouragement and support in her first year as editor.  She noted that the call for papers would be via web, e-mail listserv, Social Media, and NCA CRTNET.  Call for papers date will be 4/17/2017.
    6. 2nd Vice President Pauline Matthey (Clemson University) indicated she is very excited to host the 2017 conference at Clemson and that Graduate and Undergraduate students want to get involved. She noted her vision that participants will experience CCA and rediscover the greatness of Clemson.  She reported that she plans to be hosting at Clemson facilities and using the university resources.  She will work with public transportation and Tiger transport to transport from hotels.  She noted that she will promote the conference on social media and Clemson TV.   She proposed the conference theme of “All In”, meaning engaging in intentional communication.  Jody Natalle (University of North Carolina-Greensboro) said “let’s go with it”.  A move was made to vote on the theme for 2017 conference.  Vote passed.
    7. Web Manager Elena Martinez-Vidal (Midlands Technical College) reported that there was nothing really new and that she tries to update as fast as she can. Charmaine Wilson (University of South Carolina-Aiken) inquired if we could get help to update the website so that it is more accessible.  Elena noted that is a public domain and could be used.  A motion was made to create an Ad Hoc committee to create criteria for the CCA webpage and explore avenues for redesign because it was too much to put on one person (Elena) to handle.  Vote passed.  It was suggested that Sean Kingsbury (University of South Carolina-Beaufort) would be on the committee because he does web design as part of the Communication program and wants to be involved with CCA.  Melody Lehn agreed to be on the committee in conjunction with the Annual.  Suggested committee would also include Web Manager, Secretary and Treasurer.
    8. Past President Jason Black (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) had no report he was attending Public Address Conference in Syracuse, NY.
  4. Standing Reports
    1. Lynn stepped down as Treasurer. Carol Leeman (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) was nominated for treasurer.  No Discussion. Vote passed.
    2. Leanne Pupchek (Queens University) was nominated for 2nd Vice President. No Discussion.  Vote Passed
    3. Resolutions Committee for 2015-2016
      Request was made by Melody Lehn for Secretary, Theresa Russo, to write letters of appreciation of service to all the representative institutions and department heads of our association’s executive officers. Vote passed.
      Robert Westerfelhaus made motion to approve the tagline for CCA as “Connecting Communication Across the Carolinas and Beyond”. Vote passed.
  5. Announcements
    Jean DeHart (Appalachian State University) requested that the call for papers come out earlier so that we can better plan.  This would give advisors more time to mentor.
    Jody Natalle noted that Honors or Master’s theses would not be eligible because it would create unfair competition, however, there was mention that this could change.  The Executive Committee will discuss if this criteria needs to change.  Charmaine Wilson (University of South Carolina-Aiken) reported CCA could benefit from appointing an Executive Director as this is more advantageous to have a director and registered agent when applying for non-profit (503c1) status.  This is not an elected official but supporting this change will allow CCA to apply for non-profit status.  It was agreed that Jason Black (University of North Carolina- Charlotte) would serve as Executive Director.
    Jean DeHart noted that Appalachian State has a 100% online non-cohort based Strategic Communication Graduate Certificate.  Applications can be made through the Graduate School website.
    Charmaine Wilson noted that USC Aiken was hiring Associate/Assistant professor  position.
  6. New Business
    No new business reported
  7. Award Presentations
    Jarrard-Rachel Jaffe (College of Charleston) was awarded the Mary E. Jarrard Prize for an undergraduate student paper.
    Alex Viscioni (Bob Jones University) was awarded the Mary E. Jarrard Prize for a graduate student paper.
    Jason Black (University of North Carolina-Charlotte) was awarded the Betty Jo Welch Service Award.
    Melody Lehn (University of South Carolina-Extended University) was awarded Ray Camp prize for an Outstanding Research paper.
    Peter Gloviczki (Coker College) was awarded Monica Pombo Early Career Teaching Award.
    Nina-Jo Moore, Appalachian State University was awarded the Lloyd Rohler Career Teaching Award.
  8. Adjournment
    The meeting was adjourned at 5:21 p.m.

Minutes prepared by:

Theresa Russo
CCA Secretary, 2016-2017

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